Birther Movement Focus Should Be Where Obama Was in Fact Born: Not In U.S. But Overseas

Let us accept the primary premise of the entire Birther Movement: Obama was not born in the United States or any of its territories. Then the question arises where in fact was he born? Birthers know he was not born here so they should focus their search overseas and follow leads showing where his mother was at the time he was born. They could even expand their search to a couple of years on either side of that assuming that plotters had cleverly lied about Obama’s age in the first place.

Of course this last idea might launch an Ageist Movement designed to show Obama was in fact under 35-years-of age when he took the Oath of Office in January 2009. But that is for another time.

On Fox News and Friends yesterday, Birther strategist, philosophe and visionary Donald Trump pointed out that Obama’s mother never was in that hospital in Hawaii at all. That the short and long forms of the birth certificate themselves were false based upon falsified documents connected to the original live birth. That implicates the parents, doctor, nurses, and state officials in a huge plot to falsify the birth of a kid who looked like he was going nowhere back in 1960. Trump did not disclose the source of his evidence nor did he direct law enforcement or the public or press to that evidence.

Sentient beings with the power of logic and reason would opine that the greatest triumph the Birthers could gain would be to actually show and prove conclusively where in fact Barack Hussein Obama was really born. Was it Kenya? Indonesia? The Philippines? Canada? The U.K.? The Soviet Union? China? Mexico? Jamaica? Libya? Egypt?

The real trail to follow is that of his mother. One thing we know biologically is that the child is imprisoned in his mother’s womb and is largely indifferent to his situation prior to birth. Obama could not have known he would be President of the United States someday while he was yet in the womb of his mother. Even if the parents knew for certain that their son was presidential timber and hoped that he would lead the United States one day they could not have held such foreknowledge of events that were to be at least thirty-five years in the future.

The obvious thing to do would be to track the movement of both of his parents and that of his grandparents and uncles and aunts. Who left the United States or entered it and when? The greatest object of the manhunt would be tracking the mother. Using the CIA, FBI and their massive files, along with the records kept by the Immigration Service and the Customs Office we could see what activity there was and when on Mrs. Obama’s passport and if witnesses could remember her and where she was at any given moment. THAT is where the Birthers must go. They are fully convinced they are right. Why waste time trying to prove something that is not true? Why not accept your own proposition as the truth and pursue it doggedly to its logical conclusion. But they do not? Why? The focus should be in Washington D.C. amidst the archives and files and not Hawaii at all.

Just this week five men filed suit in Georgia court to keep President Obama off the ballot in the Democratic Primary based on his status as an American citizen who was not and never will be a natural born citizen. The court test to be met here is the legal premise that the founders intended and meant in the Constitution of the United States that natural born citizen does not mean that only you yourself were born in the United States of America but that your parents (both of them) had to be. In the case of the Obamas the mother was born in Kansas and the father in Kenya thus excluding the President from all ballots everywhere for the presidency if the suit is upheld and the Supreme Court of the United States were to agree.

Nevertheless, historically there are precedents. Both Jefferson and Jackson, two stalwart Democrats, were handicapped with parents born outside the country. And, previously any legal scholar worth his or her salt has always understood as have lawyers that the idea that a person who is a natural born citizen of the United States of America means that you were born in this country and where your parents crammed their way to daylight and life is not at issue at all. And any American citizen can go to their bookshelf and take down a copy of the Constitution of the United States and read the appropriate clause in the document themselves. It clearly shows we are talking about where the presidential aspirant to office was born. There is no test for the parents at all.

Of course this brings us full circle to the real issue in the Birther Controversy. The fact it has resurfaced both on Fox News and in real lawsuits to keep Obama off the ballot and show him to be unfit and Constitutionally unqualified for President have everything to do with race. Yes, we are playing the race card here.

Struggles for Justice is playing the Race Card! We admit it. We are proud of it. We would do it again and again on this issue. Why? Because the hatred, the paranoia, the pathological clangor of the far right and now Fox News and the Tea Party, and the entire Republican Party leads us to that conclusion. It is incontrovertible. A white centrist liberal president would not be receiving this treatment. How Republicans would have dealt with Herman Cain or how they might deal with an Allen West is yet to be seen. But the combination of any liberality with a dark skin is just too creepy for the opposition.

The Birther Movement is filled with conspiracy theorists, racists, anti-government reactionaries. That’s it. Barack Hussein Obama for better or worse came into this world in 1960 in Hawaii, both United States territory and a state of this Union. The qualification for office is fully met. Struggles for Justice has nothing but contempt for Birthers.

And we of course wonder about their intellect. Intellectually challenged is gaining a new meaning with this latest series of flaps and the continuation of the controversy so that it is the greatest legacy President Obama will leave history. That is a bitter condemnation of the entire nation and its professed ideal of all men being born free and equal. It is an embarrassment to the country internationally and deserves the condemnation of anyone with a modicum of intelligence, and with judgment.

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