Two Victories For Humanity: NO on SB-5 in Ohio and on the Personhood Amendment in Mississippi

Voters in Ohio rejected SB-5 yesterday, a measure that takes collective bargaining rights away from public employees. In Mississippi, just over 55 percent of conservative bible-belt voters recognized a bad law when they saw one and said no to making fertilized human eggs into full and legal persons with legal standing in U.S. Courts.

Early this year, Ohio Governor John Kasich and a Republican legislature stripped public servants of their right to bargain over wages, hours and working conditions with their employer, to take away their voice in the workplace they inhabit. But voters collected over a million signatures to put the bill, SB-5 to the test of the electorate and collective bargaining rights for workers won!

The vote will pressure Ohio lawmakers into reversing course on this bill and on similar measures aimed at punishing the very people who do so much for the State. The vote also provides much-needed momentum for the effort to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. November 15 is the kick off date for collecting signatures from upwards of three-quarters of a million voters in Wisconsin to get a recall measure on the ballot in Wisconsin for early next year.

In Mississippi, citizens saw that the proposed “personhood amendment” to the State Constitution, Initiative 26, was simply not practical to implement, and simply takes too much of a woman’s right to choose how to manage her reproductive health care from them.

A lot of voters in Mississippi are noting that rape and incest victims would have been placed in a very emotionally damaging position. No morning after medications and being forced to bear children amidst such mental health crises. In vitro fertilization would come to a stop because doctors would fear that any egg that did not survive would tag them with murder. The proposed amendment is that impractical.

And even women whose natural and God-given reproductive cycle does not permit a fertilized egg to embed itself into their womb might also be considered murderers. Miscarriages are traumatic enough for women without making them suspect as well.

The bottom line fact on the idea that a fertilized egg is invested with rational thought and human personality, those things that truly make us persons, is itself an absurdity.

The only thing that might be positively said about the defeated initiative on human egg personhood is that it reminds us of the basic sanctity of all human biological life and the need to take the abortion issue seriously and soberly, noting its many moral dimensions.

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