Where Are The Republican Champions of the Poor?

Struggles For Justice has rarely if ever touted conservative, Tea Party, and Republican champions for the poor, the weak, the oppressed, the despised, and the outcasts of our nation. Why?

No doubt many Republicans and Tea Party people and conservatives are people of faith and they no doubt do contribute to charitable causes aimed at helping the less fortunate. We give them that credit automatically and unequivocally.

But being a Muslim, a Hindu, a Jew, or even a Christian requires that our moral sense of what is right and just go beyond the church door. We cannot be loving and kind at church to the poor and then go and savage them on the floor of the Congress and the State house during the week. There must be a consistency, a constancy, a focus, that animates all our actions in people we interact with in our world.

It is here that Republicans and their allies seem to fall short, or they keep all the good they do outside their faith communities very secret from the rest of us.

A Republican dominated Wisconsin legislature has taken up dumping 53,000 poor people off of Badger Care, Wisconsin’s stop-gap health care program for people who cannot afford the regular private rates unassisted. Presumably at least some of the Republican members of the legislature are people of faith who give generously in their church. But if they act knowing full well that these people will lose their access to health care in the next few months by their actions, over and above what their churches are able to do, they are culpable actors in harming the less fortunate rather than uplifting them.

Struggles For Justice Blog seeks inspiring stories of conservative, Tea Party and Republican leaders as well as prominent citizens who may not hold public office but who nevertheless remain true to their moral sensibilities outside of their faith communities in the secular world. We are ready to print and make known these efforts.

Democrats, liberals, and progressives also are encouraged to make known people who need to be caught doing the right thing and doing justice in our world.

If we spend more time going after Republicans than Democrats here on this blog, it is not only because the editor and owner of it is progressive, liberal, a Democratic-Socialist, A Christian disciple of Jesus Christ, but that people who actively oppose us do not devote the same attention to the weak and lowly among us.

They simply do not. They spend much more time cutting budgets and giving more wealth to the most privileged members of our society. Even if this is good and right to do they must take care of what that might be doing to the rest of us and especially to the poor and the weak, and the sick, and those people we often despise and we forget belong to the human family.

Even if it is for nothing but political advantage, and oftentimes it is, it must be, the Democratic Party does pay attention to the people struggling for justice in our nation and world. They simply do in ways that their political opponents do not. We can’t know if Republican conservatives are bad people or not. Of course, most of them are wonderful good American citizens who pursue democracy in the way that fits their world view. We applaud that.

But Struggles For Justice has a mission to seek out the oppressed and champion their stories and their place in the world and plead for their cause.

Our faith requires us to act for our God as extensions of his grace. We are imperfect beings but once in the Christian faith at least we are given grace and salvation ourselves, we are commanded to go out into the world and do justice and to rescue the oppressed among us and to plead for the orphan and widow. We are not to keep these motivations and energies within the doors of our houses of worship but take that mission everywhere we go.

Those of our readers who are agnostics or atheists have just as much at stake in this great fight for human justice. You too have a moral sensibility that is likely very highly developed. You know right from wrong. Your humanitarian and altruistic impulses are strong. We applaud you too.

But we ask on this Sunday, or we would ask it in the Judaic tradition on Saturday, or in the Islamic tradition on Friday at Noon, or at any time people of faith or those with altruistic motives without a particular faith at all just where are the Republican champions for justice for the poor and oppressed? Where are those people whose focus is on that particular ball?

In Christian teaching the scriptures tell us that you will know them by what they do. What actions people take reveal true intentions and character. If so, Republicans have much to do to get in line with the faiths they often tout on the campaign trail.

Where are the Republican champions of the Poor?

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