Wall Street Mob Manages To Create Vision of Alternative Society

The Media both “lamestream” Liberal and Fox News Corporate Media have gotten the Occupy Wall Street protests around the nation completely wrong. The other 99 percent of us are on the march and working together for change.

They are not a mob or destructive force. They are a force for creative, non-violent, and transparent visionary change infused with democracy at every point.

Simply watch Democracy Now which can be accessed by simply using the corporate google or other search engines. The daily shows are available as Podcasts and are quite revealing. Better yet, go to the live streaming of the movement and read their declaration of principle from 30 September posted in part on this blog but more completely and accurately on Occupy Wall Street.

In New York’s Zacotti Park thousands of people spontaneously and acting creatively came together in community to create in miniature a vision of what we could have for our nation and world if what protestors are calling “the system” could be changed and altered to do it. Struggles for Justice agrees with the statement of principles and the actions of twice daily General Assemblies of the People at New York City’s Zacotti Park.

Instead of the silly reports of public urination and sex and pot smoking and hippies and so much other silliness from the corporate media, protestors have organized their own food kitchens, partnered with vendors in the Wall Street section of the city most affected not only by their protests but the increasing security needs of a corrupted elite that must wall itself in from the rest of us to do the exploitation of the masses of humanity they undertake on a daily basis.There is medical attention via trained doctors at the park, there are sustainable food operations there, and teach-ins and informational gatherings available to all.

The level of creative organization of people for the benefit of people in New York and soon to appear beyond the demonstration stage in other public spaces and places nationwide is staggering.

The level of talent both creative, energetic from common folk living inspirational lives, and a gathering and rallying of activists and organizers for hundreds of causes that all have the health and well-being of the common humanity of all as central to their missions are gathering in these assemblies.

A key organizer and facilitator inteviewed at length by Democracy Now and by extension Struggles for Justice, is helping all in the twice daily Genral Assemblies in building a democratic and transparent consensus first before moving on to issue policy positions on any given concern. The feeling is that a simply majority vote excludes those who have not agreed. Better to all want to agree and then proceed to build on the commonality of human experience and the vision of what can and must be.

Are our Congressional leaders in Washington and our President and all of our leaders paying attention to these things? The answer is largely no. They simply have not bothered to look into the movement and join it in spirit and fact and without exercising undue authority over it.

Struggles for Justice will not at present seek to characterize the movement further at this time because how that is led by the 99% of us that remain changes twice daily and will find expression through classical democratic principles elsewhere. In respect of building consensus we decline to offer any specific proposals except to continue to support what is ongoing in Zocotti Park or Liberty Square in New York City.

The great point here is that the movement that is building and the protestors in the square are amazingly diverse, talented, well-educated, and from all different social and economic classes of Americans and as befitting an international great city of the world, many representatives of other nations who are resident in the emerging community are offering their support.

We ask the mainstream corporative media to stop lying and distorting and misunderstanding what is happening and to examine the process of reaching these decisions of principle within the movement and how the protestors in this single park in New York are offering us an organizing and creative process for change on a much larger human scale later on.

If the plutocrats, Wall Streeters, Tea Partiers, Republicans, even some Democrats and elite rulers of this country or others are frightened that is a good thing. What they fear though is not violence at all. It is the power of this great creative idea and movement for justice in the world that they do not control.

Struggles for Justice again offers its full support of the movement Occupy Wall Street and that it has joined it in full and without qualification. We send along this post and others as our contribution to the process of building consensus and beg your indulgence for any earlier opinions which were supportive but frankly a little patronizing and quite ignorant of fact.

We simply delight in the continuing growth of this movement and our involvement in it.

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