“Them” Pose Gravest Threat To The United States

They are everywhere. You have seen THEM in the rise of a black, Kenyan, Socialist, Mau-Mau Anti-colonialist, Marxist, Communist, Community Organizer allied with Van Jones and the Vietnam Era Weather Underground to become President of the United States on January 20, 2009. He is not one of us. But he incredibly is one of THEM!

The Union Thugs that assaulted poor Scott Walker and the Fitzgeralds in Madison, Wisconsin last year provided over one hundred thousand of THEM that flooded the Capitol Rotunda and Square in loud but decidedly peaceful protest last January and February.

Millions of elderly masses of THEM cling still, to long discredited government programs like Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.

Swarming about our towns, cities, and public places, disrupting our sales of derivatives, speculation in the housing market, driving up grain prices on the commodity exchanges, complaining about our refusal to raise the debt ceiling and do anything to improve the nation except defeat one of THEM in 2012 are more and more of THEM.

Even our seemingly innocent little school teachers and our bus drivers, our police, firefighters, and all those soldiers who are supposed to fight and even die for us are filled with infiltrators and large cells of dedicated hateful disturbing scary bunches of THEM!

Democrats in that other political party, liberals, progressives, any kind of consumer advocate, public interest groups that are non-partisan, Oh God! Even the League of Women Voters are now infested with THEM!

The Congressional Budget Office long a source of bi-partisan sanity contains a number of THEM!

Our college students are increasingly coming under the baneful influence of THEM and are turning in to these ghoulish mobs who walk like zombies to cities and especially to New York and WALL STREET where a convention and organizing group is plotting how to increase exponentially whole mobs of THEM!

Thank our lucky stars or a just God for the New York Police Department arrest of 700 of THEM last Sunday on the Brooklyn Bridge and the arrest and detention of more of THEM are underway.

Those of us in the top two percent of income earners or among the one in a hundred of us that own seventy percent of the total assets of the United States are opposed by millions of THEM!

And millions more of THEM pour across our sacred borders every year. So many of THEM have darker colors, and so many of THEM have little money and so many of THEM lack the necessary education, and so many of THEM are not in positions of power in business and government.

A number of movies have warned us of the dangers posed by THEM! But have we listened? Did we heed those warnings?

For three hours every single day Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and for twenty four hours a day seven days a week Fox News has been warning you about THEM!

Eric Cantor, one of the Republican leaders in the House of Representatives ought to know. He has to even rub shoulders with so many of THEM every single day and he’s lived to tell about it. He says he is “becoming increasingly worried about the mobs of THEM gathering in WALL STREET and in many American cities.” He yas yet to suggest what to do about THEM in order to save America.

The worst and most disturbing element is that were Jesus Christ himself to come back again to this Earth he would probably stand with THEM!

There are just so many more of THEM that perhaps our media and talk show hosts can convince enough of us not to go over to the side of THEM and to actively oppose THEM.

Perhaps if we can demonize and marginalize and compromise enough of THEM they will no longer trouble us at all.

Yet it seems that events are always creating more and more and still more of THEM and that mass of beings seems to march on like some army that cannot be stopped or killed in sufficient numbers or changed from say a same-sex sexual orientation to one that is prayed away into a heterosexual orientation. Gay and Lesbian and Transgender persons are filled and infested with THEM!

So many of THEM don’t even believe in God and so many others among THEM believe in other gods and even try to build houses of worship to THEM.

So many people who insist that their civil rights, their fundamental human rights be respected, that human beings reach out and cooperate to help one another, and to do what is good and right are simply talking like so many of THEM!

What is to be done with THEM? How can we stop THEM? Do we want to stop THEM? Should we halt THEM? Should we exclude THEM? Should we hate THEM? How can we cheat and demonize THEM? How can we blame THEM? What must be done to and with THEM? How can we resist THEM?

If you have experienced the invasion of THEM and encountered THEM you know that Cantor’s warning is well-timed. It is expected that there will be steady increases in the gathering of more mobs of THEM in the coming months. The defining characteristic of so many of THEM is that they are seeking and wish to have a measure of social and economic justice.

Simply go outside into the streets and into any place and all you see are mobs and huge numbers of THEM! They are “threatening our bedrock institutions” said Cantor about THEM. Eric Cantor also suggested it pits us against us while only strengthening THEM!

And the most frightening aspect of this whole business is that you might even join THEM.


2 thoughts on ““Them” Pose Gravest Threat To The United States

  1. THEM THEM THEM! Oh Lord I’m so frightened HA usual fear fed media calling the oppressed masses something other than angry desperate human beings

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