Fox News The Font of Racism in America

In addition to clouding the debate on any political issue it touches due to outright lies and fabrications, Fox News has been pursuing racial stereotyping, making effective use of it to attack its many enemies on the left.

Eric Bolling, Fox News Business Analyst, told viewers in the wake of the Joplin, Missouri tornadoes that President Obama was in Ireland chugging 40’s instead of being at home in Joplin comforting the victims. The President’s trip to Europe was previously scheduled and already underway. And the “Chugging 40’s” offers a stereotype of blacks that is not flattering. In fact, the President was sipping a couple of pints at a pub. Not only did Fox get the actual activity wrong but they got it wrong deliberately to emphasize the President’s blackness for their white viewing audience to confirm a stereotype. They may as easily have said, “yea that darkey was really gettin’ into his malt liquor.”

Gretchen Carlson told a panel that thirty-four percent of the students in California universities receiving in-state tuition are undocumented aliens. That number is actually thirty-four percent of one percent or about a third of a percentage point. Again, the number is wrong but the focus on Southern California especially being bankrupted by the presence of these people highlights the high number of Hispanics. She and Bill O’Reilly and another guest did not lament that too many Irishmen, Russians, and Germans and Swedes were filling California’s schools and straining its budget.

The Shirley Sherrod case was largely fed and carried on Fox via Andrew Breitbart. ACORN, a social service agency that largely aids people of color was the attack at another point. It is not a coincidence that blacks and Hispanics are dealt with in this manner.

The scare tactics and mania about Muslims, the New York Ground Zero Mosque, and Sharia Law taint people of Middle Eastern extraction and suggest they are not loyal and more likely to be terrorists. Race and ethnicity and even religious prejudice combine here.

Glenn Beck last night suggested that Van Jones and his American Dream project is Communist and will destroy the real American Dream. Of course millions of Americans are not going to blindly follow Mr. Jones as Beck fears. The fact that Jones is black is key. Beck could have gone back to attack Frances Fox Piven or Noam Chomsky but they are white and they do not generate the same level of fear that people of color allegedly run amok does among a conservative white target audience.

Outside of the rarefied air of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes and the Koch Brothers the rantings of Rush Limbaugh are no better. While it is true that the black family among William Julius Wilson’s so-called “black underclass” have many difficulties in our urban areas and in rural areas of the South, they are not inherently in trouble due to the intervention of the Federal government alone. Limbaugh and a listener spoke of welfare and connected its sloth and laziness and government waste to black Americans yet again in still another racial stereotype. Statistics show white Americans make far more use of welfare and food stamps in the United States and always have.

It remains for someone on Fox to fill in the blank and accuses Native-Americans of being only interested in whiskey, blankets and casinos for the race prejudice to embrace all minorities.

It is important to call out Fox and those who spew this filth since so many Americans rely on Fox for almost all of their information about our world. The dominant white target audience has their inflated self-esteem confirmed as Fox News personnel and personalities employ common racial stereotypes.

The Media website Media Matters For America has been giving major attention to this problem of late and documenting the racial prejudice that runs rampant on this media outlet.

The debate on Fox about California permitting undocumented kids to go to college if they qualify ignores an important reality: these kids are outstanding students and they have gone through the K-12 experience as American kids all their lives or nearly all their lives. These are people who are or could make significant contributions to our nation. But Fox and their on-air team and management don’t like non-white people. Yes they do have minorities like Juan Williams appear but they do not call the tune.

Fox upper level management is not heavily dotted with minority management. It could not be. President Obama and people they perceive and leftists and liberals can be consistently attacked for their views and not for their connections to minority groups and the negative stereotypes that run like a viral illness through the minds of white people in America.

Conservative white Americans fear undocumented people because they perceive them to be entirely of color. Many white migrants come on a visa and overstay it and are also undocumented. The immigration questions running through states like Arizona, Utah, Alabama and even now Wisconsin highlight racial stereotyping that is being developed to a fine art at Fox News.

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