GOP Priorities Crystal Clear: Poor People Who Work Are Less Worthy Than Corporate Interests

Wisconsin lawmakers, simply for the record all of them Republicans, have told the citizens where they place their loyalties: and it is NOT toward the middle class or the working poor. No surprise in the Walker Era of corporate greed and continual thumbing of the nose (or some other more vulgar gesture) at the ordinary and befuddled citizenry that makes this state move everyday.

In the State capitol in Madison on Tuesday, Republican lawmakers continued to show that they firmly place the interests of bloated Corporations ahead of human beings who actually work hard but who have the misfortune not to have a fortune.

In a 12-4 party line vote the Joint Finance Committee voted to extend still another tax break in a long, long, line of tax breaks giving money rich corporations and their investors a further tax break while cutting away the earned income tax credit from the most hard-working yet lower paid among us. “We have our priorities very, very backward,” Democrat Representative Tamara Grigsby is quoted as saying.

Given the difficulty of finding a job and in maintaining one and supporting a family, helping those people who actually are working should take priority over extending more help to those that have gotten the lion’s share already. The degree to which the Republicans in Wisconsin are beholden to corporate interests is startling. We have not seen this degree of corporate control since the Thompson machine in the closing years of the nineteenth century when railroads, timber, and emerging power companies controlled the State.

This single vote is a marker as to where this State Biennial Budget has been going from the beginning. Wisconsin does need an environment friendly to business but not at the expense of the very people who actually live, work, pray, and die here. The elevation of the corporation to that of citizen in Citizens United on the national level, Governor Walker and his Republican lackey’s demonstrated subservience to Koch Industries and the Koch Brothers and their cohorts, and the total indifference shown by Republican lawmakers who ought to have some human decency but do not was on display in Madison yesterday.

It is surprising that the Journal-Sentinel a Republican mouthpiece even printed that the vote was along party lines and that the working poor are being affected. This fact alone is so damming to those they support that it brings disrespect on what twenty or more years ago were two great newspapers, now merged into one oily rag that cannot stand up for human beings.

Wisconsin citizens told members of the committee in a series of hearings, especially at State Fair Park in Milwaukee earlier this spring, that the State’s most vulnerable people ought not be hurt by budgetary moves they were contemplating. Yesterday’s vote is a litmus test indicating that they were not listening at all to what was being told to them by the very people they are by law required to represent.

The six Republican Senators now up for recall are primarily there for their cowardly and illegal vote and unlawful behavior in ending collective bargaining in the State of Wisconsin. Now we citizens who care about each other and who are not corporate entities earning billions have more reason to oust these people should we be in their districts and to sharpen our recall petition pencils for the recall of the JabberWalker.

Struggles For Justice believes that these people and so many of their political allies would be far better off in the bosom of their loving families (if they have any willing to live with them) as soon as possible. Sending these people home and the Governor back to exile in Wauwatosa must be a key goal along with continuing to speak up for the rights and needs of real people who matter to the creator who made them.

Wisconsin and our nation has the resources to take care of its people. Those who lead us who listen only to their corporate masters and donors have betrayed a public trust. This is no small thing. The struggling middle class and the poverty-stricken citizens of Wisconsin and the nation are both targets of these policies. The sooner previously comfortable middles class, mostly white, Republican voters figure this out the better!

One thought on “GOP Priorities Crystal Clear: Poor People Who Work Are Less Worthy Than Corporate Interests

  1. Its the plebians vs the patricians with a pinch of social darwanism thrown in to decide the fate of the economy and more or less their monetary interests. RICH EXPLOIT POOR’S HARD WORK TO LINE THEIR POCKETS!!

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