Illegitimacy of Obama and Not Real Issues Behind Birther Question

President Barack Hussein Obama released the long form of his Hawaiian birth certificate today saying the issue distracted the nation from the real issues facing our nation. Struggles For Justice could not agree more.

Three wars, unemployment still hovering just below nine percent, a budget deficit that needs to be settled upon, and a host of other problems must be addressed.

What really has been behind the Birther issue since its inception has been the basic legitimacy of the Obama Administration laid in a bed of racist ideology and white fears that their monopoly on power was coming to an end. It is. That’s good. No racial group should dominate the governing of the United States. While we accept no quotas in who we vote into office, the people of the nation should not fear someone merely because of skin color.

Life imitates art it seems. The Birther Madness post was a spoof on the silliness of this whole issue. It is a great boon to the Democratic Party as it shows that President Trump would be tough on anyone’s birth certificate and its authenticity and he can force anyone to release theirs. But can he lower unemployment? Can he bring our troops home? Can he unite Republicans and Democrats in a budget resolution that leaves the nation in a sound state financially? Of course not.

In comments to reporters after the President’s release of the long form of his original birth certificate (he released the standard short form back in June 2008) Republicans reveal their true intentions.

Trump accepts the genuine quality of the document but indicated it will have to be further examined for authenticity. This is just the window that the Birthers need to continue the controversy.

They will demand release of the original to the Republican Party for scientists to test the paper to see if it is indeed as old as circa 1959-1960 when the document paper was made. They will check the names and addresses, they will check out the ink on the document. And they would if examined certainly find the document to be a forgery. Why?

Because it holds over a fifth of the entire electorate in hostility to Obama. It is a great energizer of the Republican base that still believes the President to be a foreigner, and illegitimate American and President and some sort of socialist or Marxist plant. He is seen as a Muslim also and the fake birth certificate assertion that will be made perhaps as soon as tomorrow will signal that the Republicans need to keep that ignorant portion of their base activated and motivated to get out the vote for their candidates in 2012. Now we have come to the real purpose of the Birther controversy.

It is Presidential Politics and it is racism in Twenty-first century America. A good portion of the Republican Party and its Tea Party allies are not easy with people of color. They see dark people jumping over fences into the U.S. to destroy us, and they see a black President who could not be real since the tradition is that only white men of stature occupy the office. The younger Bush thing regarding stature we can address another time.

The Koch Brothers indicated who they felt were the greatest Presidents of all time: Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Both old white men who can be relied on to be subservient to corporate America.

A birther book is due out next month that will try to not only show that the birth certificates provided by the State of Hawaii are fraudulent, but that Obama has a different black father than is on the document and that that person is a Kenyan too.

Notice how quickly we get away from people without jobs, budget cuts that hurt the poor and the elderly and the disabled, and three wars that need to end. And the resurgent racism inherent in our politics today.

Nothing like energizing your political base and deflecting the nation’s attention from the mess your party and its business allies have made since 2001. Even a moderate Republican like Obama is not good enough. Even a President who appoints corporate leaders to key jobs is not enough. You gotta be an old white guy who loves Wall Street over Main Street or you are not a legitimate president.

One final suggestion: Donald Trump should provide his long-form birth certificate too. He should also provide a second one for his hair to authenticate it. That will be a key issue, the Harrier Issue if he were elected President.

Oh the madness continues and the nation lies in want, fear, and war. Shame on our leaders for playing this game. Shame on Fox News for promoting it so much.

Struggles For Justice wants Americans to focus on real world issues that affect them personally and in ways that count. Let’s do that. Shall we? And let’s leave the ignorant twenty percent of the electorate in their little world of fantasy and racial prejudice where they belong. The rest of us can just move on and make the nation live up to its full promise.

One thought on “Illegitimacy of Obama and Not Real Issues Behind Birther Question

  1. Its all about white privledge here and Obama is stomping on that by simply being elected and attempting to make the country better after the republicans, including reagen, trashed it

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