Scotty the Snake Author Unkown

Scotty the Snake, in honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday

Scotty the Snake

In a far-away spot in a place known for cheese,
Lived Scotty the Snake, with himself he was pleased.
He was happy for now where he thought he was king;
Being “County Exec,” it sure had a nice ring.
But old Scott kept on dreaming of much bigger things;
He could rule over more and be chief of all things.
That’s when Scotty slid down from his small county throne
And declared, “Now I’ll just find a new sort of home.”
He called all the elephants he thought were his friends.
He said, “It is time for this old rule to end.
I must find a new kingdom. This county’s too small.
I’ll find a high place. I will rule over all.
I will rule all those Badgers, the big and the small;
And I’ll push out the donkeys. We’ll just watch them fall.
I will blame all the donkeys for this big old mess;
It’s not really their fault, but I won’t soon confess.
I’ll take all their money and then in the night,
I’ll get rid of their unions and all of their rights.
It will happen so fast they’ll have no time to fight.

I can’t ask the rich guys to pay for their share.
The reason you see, is they’ll help get me there.
They will pay for my trip to my new improved throne.
They’ll be sure that I get to that shiny new dome.”
With a hiss Scotty said, “It is simple, you see;
I’ll take care of those who took care of me.
They will pay for my trip to the big, shiny dome,
And I’ll give them some breaks in this place they call home.
Then some of my pals who live south of the border,
They’ll help me out too; it won’t be a tall order.
I’ll extend some nice pay backs for lending a hand.
I’m sure they’ll come through; they will all understand.
I’ll tell all the folks I’ll bring lots of new jobs,
I’ll tell them we’ll find the new jobs by the gobs.
I’m not so sure where they will come from just yet;
I’ll come up with an answer much later, I guess.
I’ll tell them I’ll send off that fast-moving train,
I’ll send back the cash and say, “Thanks just the same.
Why worry about pollution and all of that stuff?
We’ll just use coal and oil,” he said with a huff.
“Those windmills and trains and the things of that sort,
Can just go on elsewhere,” he said with a snort.
So the pachyderms gathered and gave a loud shout,
“All you donkeys move over. We’re pushing you out.”
Old Scotty slid down from his county-wide throne.
And started his trip to his new improved home.
When he got there, he gathered his folks on the hill;
And he passed out a plan called “the old repair bill.”
Old Scott grinned to himself; “This big plan will be great.
I’ll start with the unions in this dairy state,
When they figure it out, it will just be too late.
I’ll shut them all down, every last single one;
They won’t know what hit them when I get all done,
Those donkeys who stepped in to get in my way,
They’ll be very sorry; they’ll just have to pay.”
“Oh, but wait!” Scotty cried, bending closer to hear.
“It sounds like a donkey just made a small cheer.
Let me get a close look from the top of my dome.
I’ll see what they want then I’ll send them all home.”
Then he slipped to the top of his tall, shiny perch;
Around and around his small beady eyes searched.
There were lots of folks marching around the big dome,
Not only the donkeys, but half the kingdom.
They were chanting and yelling and singing and drumming.
Some were holding their hands and just quietly humming.
He saw moms and some dads and small sisters and brothers.
All the folks in the kingdom were supporting each other.
“What’s that?” shouted Scotty sounding flustered a bit.
“I didn’t think that my plan would raise such a big fit.
I don’t like this,” he said. “Not even one little bit.
I thought we would pass it before you all knew.
Now what in the world will I think of to do?”
Scotty hissed from the top of his big shiny dome,
“Please stop badgering me and just leave me alone.
We’re broke don’t you see and there’s no way to fix it;
So just shut your mouths and go home, you just nix it!”
But the folks kept on marching for days and for weeks.
They slept on the floor and brought picnics to eat.
They expressed their strong views on banners and signs,
But Scotty ignored them, he’d made up his mind.
This story, you see, is not nearly complete;
Will the snake back on down and admit his defeat?
Will he listen and reason with all those good folks
Or make our democracy look like a joke?

“It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ”
Hubert H. Humphrey

Struggles For Justice wishes to thank Mr. Jerry Connelly, and Mr. Lyle Laufenberg for passing this along.

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