Shipwrecked on the Shoals by Thomas Martin Sobottke

Shipwrecked on the shoals after fifty,
a wise sage tells me.
Earnest letters from the AARP,
and scooters may interest me.

More Omega than Alpha,
the bible written
by those with stories to tell,
shipwrecked on the shoals.

General Sternwood amid the orchids,
with Philip Marlowe, telling him,
a man engaging in fatherhood at my age
deserves all he gets.

The oldest tree may still bend its branches,
toward the light,
away from trouble,
planting roots more firmly in the ground;
testing the soil.

A grandchild may be of aid
to navigate off the bar
or compensate during salvage operations
from the untold riches told of from afar
shipwrecked on the shoals.

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