Avillify: For When the Moment Comes For Mean Polarized Politics

(Announcer/Voice Over and a strumming guitar)


You never know when just a casual political act will lead to something more: Avillify.

(Pictures of politicians attacking defenseless citizens who have done nothing to harm them or anybody else, and lying about what they stood for during their election campaign. Switch to shot of the Wisconsin State Capitol opening up and a great waterfall and lush greenery amid a Nuremberg Rally circa 1936)

Just two tablets can make you the kind of man you always hoped you would be: the strong leader that even a National Socialist would envy: Avillify.

Where all political compromise, engagement in the democratic process can be safely left behind: Avillify.

Ask a moral ethicist how you can become amoral and unfeeling: Avilify.

Where you can screw the public for hours and feel no connection to those you took an oath to serve: Avillify.

(Switch to a shot of Scott Walker and Majority Leader Fitzgerald sitting in bath tubs, smoking French cigarettes after the act, er fact, watching the sun set over a divided, discordant Wisconsin, where corporate giants play).

Announcer Again:

For permanent political erectyle dysfunction lasting more than four years circulate recall petitions and call your doctor. May Cause Fake Budget Crises, angry labor Unions, bring out hundreds of thousands of political opponents and bewildered citizens who cannot be held responsible. Offer Void in Progressive Wisconsin. Power to the People!

(Fade to black)

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