Religious Community Supports Collective Bargaining Rights!

The Gamaliel Foundation in Wisconsin


WISDOM, the interfaith network of congregation-based justice organizations, calls on Governor Walker and the Wisconsin legislature to abandon any plans to undermine or remove the collective bargaining rights of workers.

Our religious traditions speak clearly about the fundamental right of workers in the public and private sectors to be organized into unions which can defend their interests. We are pleased to see that Methodist Bishop Lee, Catholic Archbishop Listecki, Rabbi Biatch and ELCA Bishop Burnside are among those who have spoken out against the radical policy changes being proposed in the “budget repair” process, which would take away long-established rights from many Wisconsin workers.

WISDOM believes that the current attempt to weaken or destroy unions is immoral. The measure is out of proportion to the problem it purports to solve.

We find it ironic that, at a time when people of other nations are winning greater rights vis-á -vis their governments, some in Wisconsin wish to move our state in the opposite direction.

We call on Governor Walker and the legislature to re-consider the “budget repair” bill that has been proposed and to have an open, good-faith process that involves all in a search for the common good.

WISDOM is a grassroots organization which includes 140 congregations, of 17 religious denominations, from 10 regions in the state of Wisconsin.

For more information, contact WISDOM Executive Director David Liners at 414-736-2099

Special Thanks To Karen S. Lewis.

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