Poetry Gives Expression to Life

The struggle for human justice and dignity must include the full expression of the human spirit.  Life without a gentle breeze fanning your cheek on a warm summer day, the taste of your favorite dish on your palate, that special music that only you know inspires great emotion, that pleasing feeling of having done something for someone no matter how small makes life worth living.  Poetry also can make life richer, fuller, and bring us closer to who we are and how others see our world.  Poetry as an art form gives expression to life.   Struggles for Justice Blog seeks poetry submissions as posts in the main page, and simultaneously in the Poetry category.  What do you have to say about life?  What can you do to enrich us all?  There are no set ground rules for what is a good poem though something objectionable in terms of the dignity and self-worth of people might be the only break on free expression here.  Express yourself.  Poets of more serious aspirations are especially welcome to show us some of their work.  People will see this and if only one of them feels something they have lost touch with before or sees our world with a new perspective, what you write will have made all the difference.  So write, share, and see your work on Struggles for Justice Blog.

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