Struggles For Justice Blog seeks contributors in a variety of areas.  They are: National Affairs, Race, Gender, Poetry, Education, Foreign Policy, Community and Citizen Action, The Faith Community,  and The State of Labor.  There are many arenas where the struggle for human justice and dignity is being undertaken by so many.  This blog seeks to give attention to those efforts and opinions that move people to take action to better the world however they may be moved to do it. 

Contributors are asked to try to limit their posts to 500-700 words.  Submissions should be spell checked and proofed when sent.   The main guideline for acceptance of contributions is that they not be an affront to human dignity and self-worth no matter how savagely they may attack those who stand in the way of justice.   

This site is to highlight the problems and oppression facing our world and to suggest means of writing the many wrongs we see all around us.  It can even be a positive report on how that is being successfully done around our nation and world.

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